Simples tips to plan your career

Simples tips to plan your career

We all want to be successful in our respective careers, achieve new heights, and be the most popular in our chosen field. However, very few get there. Out of the many things that separate successful people from not-so-successful ones is planning.

If you fail to plan your career, you are basically planning to fail. All it takes for successful career planning are a few simple tips that you execute from time to time.

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Top 6 Simples tips to plan your career

  1. Get to know yourself- If you don’t know yourself, you can’t pick the right career for yourself. Analyze your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, activities that keep you engrossed etc. Pick a field for yourself that has a majority of your likes and hobbies. And while picking a field, don’t just limit yourself to obvious choices. For example, if you love music, it is not compulsory that you become a musician or a DJ. You could go for something more technical like audio engineering while still doing what you enjoy.
  2. Take stock of your career annually- Very often, we become so engrossed in our work life that our goals and aspirations fall into oblivion. It is important that you take stock of your career every 12 months. Analyze where you are right now and see whether your current life is aligned to your long term goals and aspirations. If it is not, make changes accordingly.
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  3. Never be limited by your title- Most people tend to be myopic when it comes to charting their future career course. For example, usually, a reporter will think of how she can become a more successful reporter. Similarly, a marketing executive will look for higher positions in the marketing field. However, if you look closely, there are always skills that you can transfer to other fields. For example, a reporter usually has good researching skills, which she can put to good use in fields like financial research etc. Similarly, a marketing executive can look for fields where his/her communication skills can be put to good use.
  4. Stay in touch with the right people- The job market is highly competitive. In order to survive and move forward, it helps if you know the right people. Even if you haven’t started your work-life yet, it helps if you spend time networking with influential people in your field. Start by looking within your immediate circle of family and friends.
  5. Keep adding new skills- Employers are always looking for something extra while hiring people. In order to stay ahead of the pack, it is a good idea to keep adding new skills to your profile. It could be skills that are relevant to your current profile, or skills that are completely irrelevant. No knowledge ever goes waste.
  6. Don’t be afraid to take risks- In business language, “profit is the reward for risk taking.” It is important that you cultivate the habit of calculated risk taking. It will help you move forward in your career at crucial junctures.
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