Researching companies before applying or before an interview

You have read this one before. Before your interview in an organization, or before you apply for a job, it is important to research about the company. However, despite all that expert advice, most people choose to ignore it. And very often, the consequence is a rejection at the interview stage, or at the application stage itself.

Every rejection that you face gets your morale down, which makes it even more difficult to find a good job. If you have been ignoring the research part before an interview, here is why you need to start doing it.

Importance of researching companies before an interview

  1. It gives you an edge in the interview- When you know what an organization is, its work culture, its problems, its achievements and so on, you can use all that information to your advantage in the interview. You can pitch yourself in a manner which is in sync with what the organization is looking for in potential candidates. Thus, your chances of success in an interview increase.
  2. It gives you power to negotiate- Researching a company gives you information about its financials, its growth, its pain points etc. With all that information, you get power to negotiate the salary offer. For example, if research tells you that the company is going through a low growth phase and you are applying for a marketing position, you can always give the interviewer tangible numbers that you can help them achieve with your skills.

Now that you have understood the importance of researching companies before interviews, it is important to know what all to look for too. When you are researching companies, try to look for the following:

  1. News on social networks- There are plenty of business oriented social networks out there which track organizations and their current happenings. Scourge these social networks and look for vital pieces of information. Try to gather the achievements in an organization, any recent major developments, the financial health of a company, any new product or service launches etc.
  2. The manner of putting out information- Read through a company’s website carefully, and pays attention to the manner of putting out information. It will tell you a lot about a company’s work culture and what it expects. For example, if the tone of writing is very young and vibrant, you can expect a very informal environment work environment. When you have such information, you can gauge whether an organization gels well with your personality or not.
  3. Linkedin connections- Linkedin is a fantastic source for gathering information about organizations out there. Before an interview , try to connect with a few important people of an organization. Ask them about the company, its ongoing projects etc. Doing so helps serve two purposes- it gives you useful information about an organization; and it also build a positive image of you as a candidate. When you are being proactive in collection information about an organization, you come across as a really keen and enthusiastic individual.
Updated: January 3, 2017 — 11:01 am

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